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The standard version of Geometry Dash, called Geometry Dash LET'S RUN, has an extremely colorful cube level and has you jumping over pillars and spheres.

Instructions for Geometry Dash LET's RUN

Are you an avid fan of the Geometry Dash games, especially the classic titles? A fantastic game for lovers of the Geometry series is Geometry Dash Let's Run. In this version, the spider will interrupt you for a little while. The columns need to be circumvented. All you have to do to win the game is jump upon spheres or pillars. Next is the robot, which has many chances to pass, then comes the cube, the lightship, and the darkened screen. Then, in order to go past the barriers, you had to transform into a web spider.

How to collect coins?

Three coins are up for grabs. Coin first at 23%. Before proceeding to the second coin at 32%, you have to remove the orange key. The value of the third coin is 66%.


  • The series has more cubes and spikes.
  • Make your character unique by choosing from a variety of colors and icons.
  • Try these rhythmic activities to see how well you can coordinate.
  • Receive incredible rewards for completing your everyday tasks.
  • Use the Practice Mode to refine your skills and become proficient.

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