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A very difficult Extreme Demon level called "Geometry Dash Hopeless" is in the video game Geometry Dash. You have to move a cube through stages that get harder as you go.

How to Play Geometry Dash Hopeless

You can beat Geometry Dash Hopeless by getting through the levels without hitting anything or falling off. It's the carefully put-together music that gives Geometry Dash Hopeless a new level of play. The music changes to fit the mood of each level. You can also jump by pressing the down or shift key. The up or space bar can be used to start an action.

Main Features

  • The checkpoints will help people in the same group tell the difference between levels.
  • It is addicting, and when you finish a task, you feel good about yourself.

You can play Geometry Dash High Flo and Geometry Dash Inferno for free too.

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