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It is necessary for you to maintain the square shape of your protagonist for the whole of the tale in Geometry Dash Illusion Of Space, which is a variant of Geometry Dash with a demon twist.

Geometry Dash Illusion Of Space instructions

When you play Geometry Dash: Illusion of Space, you will be transported into an intriguing miniverse that is packed with conflicting interactions. While certain bricks are able to resist the laws of gravity, others are able to leap on their own for themselves. When you come to realize that your efforts are fruitless time and time again, it may be both aggravating and unpleasant. In addition to being hilarious, it is also tough and addicting, thanks to the one-of-a-kind music that plays in the background.

Main Features

  • The gameplay is simple, and the visuals are stunning.
  • Experience each and every level of the game till it is over.

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