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The game is available in a version called Geometry Dash Jet Set Demon, which is an incredibly great version. The fundamental objective you have set for yourself is to conquer all of the challenges you face and make it to the finish.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Jet Set

It was awarded seven stars for the Geometry Dash Jet Set. It is possible to change the height of your character by pressing the key. Its suppression will be an indication of decline. While pressing the yellow pad will provide you with a more significant boost, pressing the blue pad will allow your character to climb higher. These two components are critical to the whole.

Main Features

  • To guarantee that your motions are in time with the music, you need to make sure that they are.
  • There is a division made at each checkpoint between each level of each group.
  • Throughout the whole of the level, the background will maintain its orange-red coloration.

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