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Geometry Dash Kenos is classified as an Extreme Demon Version inside the game. This particular level showcases elements that exhibit a heightened speed, with notable examples being a cube and a mini-UFO, both of which operate at twice the normal velocity.

Geometry Dash Kenos instructions

The cube serves as the initial point of reference for every level. The initial stage in the level is comprised of cubes. To successfully navigate a spiked level, it is imperative to use caution and evade the protruding spikes while simultaneously leaping over any barriers encountered. Subsequently, it is necessary to maneuver the vessel in order to circumvent a wall adorned with protruding spikes, prior to advancing to the subsequent stage characterized by a series of smaller waves. This progression necessitates the execution of high-speed navigation.


  • The current level contains a total of 156,999 items.
  • The duration of this level is 1 minute and 58 seconds.
  • The Combination component exhibited a failure rate of 97%, rendering it the most challenging aspect of the level.
  • In the context of the "PP" AmorAltra level, it has been observed that executing a well-timed jump immediately prior to descending enables progression to the initial Kenos wave.

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