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The triple- and quadruple-speed parts of Geometry Dash KrisMas are difficult. The game is difficult and needs talent, muscle memory, and practice.

Geometry Dash KrisMas Instructions

Experiment with different forms such as cubes and balls. Geometry Dash KrisMas needs you to regulate your conduct in order to avoid clashing with other players. There are several levels to discover throughout the game. After passing through the portal, you will be twice as big. You will have the ability to control two characters. Geome Try is an odd game in which you must hop, dance, and run to success.


  • Colors and music for entertainment!
  • To put your coordination to the test, try these rhythmic workouts.
  • Complete daily chores to earn fantastic prizes.
  • Characters may now be personalized with new color schemes and icon sets.
  • Achieving the 10th level is a one-of-a-kind accomplishment.

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