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The difficulty level of Geometry Dash Sonic Wave is relatively lower compared to Geometry Dash Bloodbath, although Geometry Dash Phobos presents a higher level of challenge.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Phobos

The initial phase of Phobos involves a rudimentary yet perplexing section of the KoBaZz Cube, which necessitates precise timing. It is imperative to refrain from utilizing jump rings, while also taking into consideration the presence of gravity portals. The game mode in question is characterized by a triple-speed wave, accompanied by the presence of gravity portals that may induce confusion among players. The Dreameater segment now features a novel Straight Fly portion that incorporates gravity gates and alterations in size. The observer will perceive the presence of a little vessel, characterized by concealed obstacles and protrusions. In addition, there are jump rings, glow crosses, and pads available.

Main Features

  • The use of blue orbs serves to augment the level of difficulty inside the game.
  • Deimos is the progeny of Mars/Ares and the subsequent heir to Phobos.
  • The current level consists of a total of 26,212 pieces.
  • The measured value for this level is 2 meters and 13 seconds.
  • The Geometry Dash Community highly values this particular element for its intricate design and meticulous attention to detail.
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