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Gamers of any age may enjoy Geometry Dash Practice Domination. Your objective is to move as quickly and far as you can while avoiding pillars, buildings and saw spikes.

Geometry Dash Practice Domination instructions

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Practice Domination is really simple. Play this game by clicking on the balls and jumping over the spikes. A transition cube marks the conclusion of this section. A gateway will open at a consistent pace. To win this difficult game, you'll need to be quick and accurate. Avoid any buildings and architectural features that can be unsafe. You may increase your height by pressing the yellow or blue pads.

Collecting coins

First coin, at 9%. Push off the blue sphere in order to get the second coin. At 93%, you will find the third coin.


  • It is both challenging and fun.
  • As many coins as you possibly can.
  • The completion of a task results in the accumulation of points.
  • What you need to know is outlined below.

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