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Geometry Dash Problematic is an excellent solo rendition of Easy Demon. Compared to earlier iterations, you have a lot simpler ship to finish a sequence with.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Problematic

You can unintentionally enter the secret path at the perfect time in Geometry Dash Problematic. Although it might be a bit challenging, remembering the cube is not tough. Unexpectedly, begin leaping in the cube portion earlier than you may have imagined. If players simplify the problems, they can focus on them. The music will drop, and the Nine Circles portion will begin. Avert the walls and sawblades. After that, you'll reach the last cube part, where there aren't many obstacles to deter you from finishing it.

How to collect coins

The first coin is found in the cube's initial segment at 11%. You have to squeeze between two saw blades at twice the pace in order to get the second coin. It may be found right at the end of Dhafin's name.


  • There are 8462 things at this level.
  • The level lasts for fifty-four seconds.
  • It was possible to duplicate the level's prior iteration.
  • There will be a range of challenges and barriers.
  • When times are hard, acrobatics come in very handy.

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