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Features of Geometry Dash Simple Journey include simplistic yet visually appealing artistic designs.

How to Play Geometry Dash Simple Journey

Geometry Dash Simple Journey is an exceptional spin-off that you should check out if you enjoy Geometry Dash titles. Medium Demon is the official rating of the level; however, it is generally regarded as an Easy Demon. The game commences with a layer of falling foliage and what appear to be sunbeams that cover all surfaces. You will be required to acquire two containers in order to activate the two platforms that are necessary for landing.  Be cautious, however, as certain spheres and leaps have specific timings, which means that you cannot strike them prematurely. 

Details Features

  • The level comprises 296,278 objects.
  • gray vegetation and a few white-ish gray pillars in the background.
  • Timing and a mildly challenging UFO component. There is no difficulty in the final ship sequence; however, it necessitates some proficiency in the air.

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