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The triple and quadruple speed sections of Geometry Dash Starsight are a challenge. This game requires some talent, practice, and muscle memory.

Geometry Dash Starsight instructions

Play around with different shapes, such cubes, balls, and other devils. You must use behavior control to navigate interactive obstacles, moving vehicles, and portals in Geometry Dash Starsight without colliding with other players. This game offers a plethora of diverse levels for exploration. Once you pass through this portal, your size will double. Two characters will now be under your control. In the bizarre world of Geome Try, be ready to dance, hop, and sprint your way to success!


  • For fun, colors and music!
  • To test your coordination, try these rhythmic activities.
  • Complete daily tasks to get awesome prizes.
  • New color and icon choices improve character personalization.
  • Reaching the tenth level is a singular accomplishment.

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