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The Extreme Demon Version of Geometry Dash is an incredible solo game, and it requires players to jump over double spikes. three peaks at once. as well as a fourfold increase.

The Instructions for Geometry Dash XO

The player, who appears as a little cube, is required to hop over an initial spike. The gameplay is somewhat slow, but as the level advances, you will encounter some times that are very close together. The gamer will be forced to contend with a highly challenging UFO area. There are also some ships that are very tight. After then, the speed will decrease to half of its previous value. In order for the player to successfully complete this stage, they will have to commit the slope timings on the cube to memory. When the letters 'XO' appear on the slope, the level is complete.

Fantastic features

  • There are 37,838 things in this level's inventory.
  • This level is 2 minutes and 37 seconds long.
  • Put yourself in a range of different settings and face different obstacles.
  • You can get around challenges by using your acrobatic skills.
  • With only two letters, this level's name has the distinction of being the shortest one for a Demon Extreme. It shares the same standing as N0, EX, and X0.

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