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Playing the Dash Game, namely the Geometry Dash Tasks, is a lot of fun. It is essential that all of the duties be finished in order to proceed to the next step.

Geometry Dash Tasks: Directions

Arrows to the top and bottom of the screen may be used to control the automobile. Simply hitting the button will allow you to leap. It is an improved version of the one that was first released. The cube has been removed, and some of the numbers have been increased by a factor of two. Following passage through the portal, the blocks will be found floating in the air in a certain pattern. In order to overcome the challenges, you'll need to move in sync with the music and the rhythm. Prepare to get your groove on and turn up the volume on your speakers. There are now four alternative versions of the game that can be downloaded for free. These versions include Geometry Dash Chordy and Geometry Dash Juiced Up the latter of which includes the first 13 levels of the whole game. You can play Geometry Dash on the web, as well as on Android and iOS devices.

Main Features

  • The level of difficulty may range anywhere from hard to very difficult or even almost impossible.
  • It is simple to play, and the instructions are clear.
  • Because the music is so enjoyable, you can't wait to listen to more of it.
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