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Geometry Dash Ystep is a hard-level difficulty variation of the Geometry Dash Series. Spikes, yellow orbs, and jump pads are included.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Ystep

The Ball was first introduced by Geometry Dash Ystep. RobTop's ball isn't particularly tough to handle, so getting used to them shouldn't be too difficult. The first stage is a simple normal-speed cube that is relatively long. Begin by controlling a yellow ball against a background loaded with hazards such as spikes, leap orbs, and pads. The blue that acts as the backdrop will become visible once the ball has stopped reflecting its surroundings. You won't have any trouble maneuvering around the numerous walls and pillars that make up this section because there is so much space.

Excellent Features

  • You can finish up to 1,000 levels.
  • Make use of a wide range of characters to your advantage.
  • This easy but difficult game needs you to stay on the road and not deviate from it.

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