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With the objective of jumping across geometric forms while avoiding obstacles, geometric Jumping is one of the most outstanding spin-offs of the original game, Geometry Jump. 

A guide to playing Geometry Jumping

The game Geometry Jumping allows you to explore 15 different standard modes, each of which has its own distinctive music and provides you with sixty different skins that are already unlocked. You will be in charge of a geometric figure, and in order for it to reach the finish line, you will have to conquer the obstacles that stand in its way. Despite the difficulty of the levels, you may attempt to complete them an infinite number of times. In the event that you are required to begin the level once again, it is essential that you remember to arrange the flag in the most advantageous spot.

Main Features

  • The steps are perfectly synchronized with the music.
  • Rhythm-based controls that are easy to use and an enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Characters that are fun and customizable.

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How To Play

Use mouse to play this game.

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