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In the new holiday game Santa Claus Hopping, players assist Santa by jumping from platform to platform, dodging bad snowmen and picking up bonuses along the way.


Santa Claus Jumping is a winter holiday game in which players must leap from one item to another. Santa Claus is climbing a chimney to deliver presents to a better location. However, there are just just too many snowmen. He has to watch out for them as he leaps to escape harm. When jumping, Santa Claus should not go too high. If he tries to do it, the sharp ice will crush him. Get bonus points by taking up as much vertical space as possible while on the platform.


  • Get his presents, you must ascend to a lofty place.
  • You'll be able to evade the hostile penguins and snowmen, and you'll uncover upgrades to assist you reach greater heights.

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