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In order to unlock as many characters as possible, you will need to make use of your abilities in this arcade game - Geometry Rush, which is one of the most popular games that is based on Geometry Dash.

Geometry Rush instructions

Simply firing the triangle in order to hit the target is all that is required of you in order to emerge victorious from the game of Geometry Rush. The only way to achieve the goal of perfecting the rhythm and experiencing the surge of adrenaline is to remember to push yourself beyond the limits you have set for yourself. In the moments leading up to the triangle-shaped spikes colliding with you, you will have just a few seconds to take necessary action. You also need to unlock all of the coins, new skins, new avatars, and new backgrounds. 

Key Features

  • The gameplay increases in difficulty, is very addictive, and has no boundaries whatsoever.
  • Your mission is to use dash and jump to get to the end of the platform as quickly as possible.
  • Maintain a safe distance from any obstructions that may be in your path.

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