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With eight different difficulty levels and a wide variety of emojis, ranging from happy expressions to evil faces, Geometry Wave Challenge is one of the most incredible adventure games that was inspired by Geometry Dash.

Instructions for Geometry Wave Challenge

You will need to demonstrate your extraordinary talents in order to play Geometry Wave Challenge. You will need to manage the character and guide them through a zigzag tunnel while avoiding all of the obstacles. In the event that you come into contact with any impediment, the game will restart from the very beginning. There is also a wide selection of emojis available for your selection. Not only are you able to touch the ground and the ceiling, but you also need to be careful of those challenging obstacles! In the event that you come across one, you will have to start again.

Key Features

  • Navigational controls that are straightforward and easy to use
  • Allow yourself to be pampered with a large number of emojis and a stunning tunnel as you master eight levels in the shortest amount of time.

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