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In the famous Only Up game, there is a spinoff called Only Up Or Lava. In this game, you have to hop on lava and make it past any obstacles you encounter.

Only Up Or Lava Instructions

In order to achieve success in Only Up Or Lava, you will need to make use of your parkour skills in order to scale the most difficult climbs. As soon as you begin playing the game, they will be immediately sent to you automatically. On the platform, there will be obstructions that will prohibit you from reaching the next level. At the beginning, the difficulties are not evident; nevertheless, they will gradually become apparent as you go through the game. Pay attention to how crucial it is to have proper grasping technique as you run towards any given barrier. You will find that the high-rise structure is an excellent location to hone your talents in the art of flying.

Main Features

  • Sounds of espionage combined with a story
  • An engaging narrative that is packed with unexpected turns of events
  • The number of procedurally produced missions is infinite.
  • Easy to play with controls that are easy to understand
  • The ability to think strategically is a valuable quality, but it is not a must.

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