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It is an incredible parkour game called Parkour Go. To put your free-running talents to the test, you will be required to go through complex obstacle courses that require you to leap, sprint, slide, and climb.

Instructions for Parkour GO

In order to win Parkour GO, you must assume the role of Miss June, who is a very competent competitor. Show that you are capable of returning to a life that is both normal and full of adventure. In order to reach your target in a short amount of time, you may take advantage of her acrobatic abilities to leap across platforms.

Main Features

  • Easy to play yet very addicting gameplay
  • The ability to launch yourself off and fight a wide variety of foes is available to you.
  • Through the acquisition of additional foes, equipment, or powers, you will be able to journey farther.
  • It is possible for you to travel farther because to your unique skill.

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How To Play

  • Shift and Run = Jump,
  • Space = Slide,
  • C = Change View,
  • and V = Change View
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