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Your primary objective in Pool Buddy 2, the most recent installment in the Pool Buddy series, is to direct the water toward a pool in order to assist Buddy with swimming.

Pool Buddy 2 instructions

All you need to do to win Pool Buddy 2 is collect as much water as you can in order to fill the pool so that Buddy may go for a swim. This is the only way to win the game. Experience the improved visuals, new ways to interact with Buddy, entertaining weaponry, intriguing settings, and a multitude of other features that are exclusive to this game right now!

Main Features

  • The ragdoll physics and animation contribute to the game's sense of accuracy and realism.
  • Through the use of a little box, you and your closest companion will go on an interactive journey.
  • Despite the fact that some of the goods need in-game cash to be bought, there are hundreds of various products from which to choose.

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