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While you are leveling up, you can take care of Pou by feeding it, washing it, and playing with it.

Instructions for the Pou

Have you ever shown any concern about Pou? You are free to try out a variety of looks, haircuts, and clothing choices. You can build an ensemble that is reflective of your personal style by mixing and matching any items you choose. The more time passes, the less powerful Pou will get. If the food and sleep meters are both empty, the health bar will deplete more quickly. You can earn money and various bonuses by completing daily objectives, which can help you with the costs of living. You are free to make any changes you see fit to the space in your home so that it fulfills your requirements.

Interesting features

  • Incredible Setting in Three Dimensions
  • Audio that is true to life and animation that is silky smooth
  • Controls and mechanisms that are simple and intuitive to utilize
  • There are a lot of difficulties up front.

Try out Fish Eat Fish and Agent Fall 3D if you're the type of player who enjoys playing games that are analogous to those that can be found on this website.

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