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Stickman Race 3D immerses players in an extraordinary race, where they must be victorious against all formidable opponents.

Instructions for Stickman Race 3D 

All that is required to prevail in Stickman Race 3D is the ability to navigate your stickman through all of the race's obstacles. It is also necessary to surpass all other competitors in order to obtain the first reward. There are also concealed treasures that resurface. Please ensure that you are attentive in order to observe them before they vanish. 

Main Features

  • Simple gameplay mechanics
  • Three-dimensional graphics
  • Competitive courses
  • Comes with thrilling conflicts

Similar stichman games

  • Stickman Gradient: A race against the clock and a platforming challenge to control a slender stickman over obstacles.
  • Stickman Dash: Swing quickly and without reflecting the force of your blow in order to avoid being assaulted by your opponents.

How To Play

Use mouse or touch

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