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Jump and run for as long as possible in Super Marius World, an exceptional adventure game.

Instructions for Super Marius World

The primary objective of Super Marius World is to leap and navigate all obstacles while collecting all coins and stars, drawing inspiration from Super Mario Bros. The characters can be upgraded and customized using currency. Travel through a magnificent kingdom of snow!

Key Features

  • You will successfully complete all 15 levels that are rife with danger. 
  • 2D graphics are vibrant and the music is delightful
  • Created for seasoned gamers and enthusiasts of fury games

Play Super Marius World if you are prepared to engage in an adventure game that is both entertaining and adventurous. However, for those who wish to investigate additional similar games of this nature, try Super Mario Run and Jump out of maze.

How To Play

Use the keyboard arrows or the WASD keys to move and jump.

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