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The goal of one of the best racing games, Urban Derby Stunt And Drift, is to do stunts and gather coins to earn money to unlock new cars!

Guidelines for Urban Derby Stunt And Drift

You may explore different kinds of cars and terrain with Urban Derby Stunt And Drift. There's no shortage of large jumps, loops, and drift spots throughout the city. To make the largest leaps and navigate a variety of obstacles, your automobile is equipped with several jumps, making it easy to go past all of the roadblocks and arrive at the finish line. Remember to use your points to unlock new vehicles.

Key Features

  • You may take in breathtaking sights, drive about the city, discover various automobiles, and do amazing stunts.
  • The map is yours to explore at will.
  • Your points meter rises with each trick or drift you complete.

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How To Play

  • Arrow Keys to Drive
  • Space To Brake
  • F for NITRO
  • C to change the camera
  • EsC or Tab to pause
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