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In the Mario category, Vizzed Flash Bash is a thrilling two-player game. The primary objective is to prepare for a battle with your pals in the Mario adventure.

How to play Vizzed Flash Bash

It is highly recommended that you play Vizzed Flash Bash immediately if you are an avid Mario game enthusiast. There are numerous characters and modes to be discovered. You have the option to engage in a game with your friends in which you attempt to overcome all obstacles and attain the highest score by running as quickly as possible. There will be a winner who is the first to reach the end. Gather stars and tokens.

Key Features

  • Be a master of wall leaps, spins, and jumps
  • Accumulate coins and rescue the Princess
  • Find items and power-ups
  • Enable the opening of containers by utilizing rubies

If you are using a personal computer, you may investigate additional thrilling games on this website. Play Super Mario Run and Healing Driver now. 

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