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Grimace makes an appearance in the newest When Granny Met Grimace Shake game. Your primary objective is to provide assistance to Granny in completing each of the riddles.

When Granny Met Grimace Shake Instructions

The primary objective of this game is for Granny to make contact with Grimace and provide assistance to him as he makes his way through this puzzling adventure. Eliminate all of the obstacles, work your way towards Grimace, and finish the puzzles in order to win the game as rapidly as possible. When you fire your bullets, you should make it a point to start a chain reaction wherever possible.

Main Features

  • A shooting puzzle game that is both entertaining and engrossing.
  • Incredible visuals, solid physics, and user-friendly control are all featured.
  • Experience the thrill of completing heroic quests.
  • Accuracy and precision are qualities that should not be overlooked.
  • Acquire additional skins and weapons.

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How To Play

mouse only

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