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It is possible to find the quadruple and triple speed sections of Xmas Dash to be challenging. Because of the difficulty of the game, it is necessary to have skill, muscle memory, and practice.

Instructions for Xmas Dash 

Xmas Dash is a game that may be won by traveling across a breathtakingly gorgeous scene that moves in rhythm with the music. After the cube has been dropped, the last cube will present itself. The challenges increase in difficulty as you go through the game, necessitating judgments made in a split second and continual attention. While the screen expands, the ball will also expand. The game can seem to be easy at first glance. The difficulty of the game increases as you go through it. A significant amount of difficulty is what makes Xmas Dash such a great game.


  • There is a Santa Cube in Xmas Dash that dances to pleasant songs.
  • You have the ability to alter the color of your cube.
  • Take your cube to the next level and begin with more.
  • There are several levels that you need to finish.

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