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In the brand new 3D dash game ZigZag Ball Dash, you have to make sure that your ball stays on the zigzag track at all times and doesn't fall off!

How to Play

In the infinity-dash video game ZigZag Ball, your goal is to maintain your ball on the track at all times and not allow it to go off. This is a rather straightforward objective.

The HTML5 version of ZigZag Ball Dash is available for play over the internet. You have the ability to maneuver the ball along a route that zigzags and try to gather as many jewels as possible. This distance is beyond the capabilities of some people.

Games that are comparable to Dash

The entertaining and hypercasual video game Animal Dash and Jump was conceived after the success of Geometry Dash. You will be tasked with playing as your favorite characters while overcoming a variety of challenges.

The Hill Dash Car 3D arcade game requires you to control the car while keeping it balanced as you make your way through the levels.

The game known as Duck Dash is an enjoyable example of the Dash genre's hypercasual gameplay. You are required to leap and change the direction of the course.

How To Play

Left Click or Finger Tap to Turn

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