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Play as a charming dinosaur in Dino Run Adventure. Obtain the highest score by gathering the food.

Directions for Dino Run Adventure

Are dinosaur games your thing? The game Dino Run Adventure is highly recommended. To win, you have to take charge of the Dino Run and smash other creatures. Remember to leap across barriers in order to prevent extinction! As you go, you may collect coins, which you can spend to buy necks. To purchase additional necks, you must have more coins. You will also receive extra money for watching commercials.


  • Try out over ten different songs.
  • Try different characters.
  • mostly uses soft pastel colors
  • Simple to manage
  • Fun for all ages to play

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How To Play

  • Move left/right - Left/Right arrow key
  • Jump - Up arrow key
  • Duck - Down arrow key
  • Dash - Shift
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