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The triple- and quadruple-speed parts of Geometry Dash Dinosaur, a Dash challenge game, call for some muscle memory and experience.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Dinosaurs

You may experiment with different entity shapes and unique mechanisms, such devils, balls, and cubes. In Geometry Dash Dinosaur, you must steer clear of collisions and make your way past dynamic obstacles, motion-changing cars, and behavior-controlled portals while enjoying mobile music. In the several stages of this game, you must go across numerous stunning locations. Once you've passed through the portal, your size will double. Now you have to manage two characters at once. Prepare to leap, run, and dance your way to the top in this Geome-try universe!


  • Strict Gameplay Framework
  • Basic Gameplay Elements
  • Items for cube customisation
  • Game types and multi-move sets
  • Suited for PC

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