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The exhilarating new version of Geometry Dash is called Geometry Dash Aperture, and it challenges players to dodge obstacles while jumping and gliding over increasingly difficult levels. The game is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Guidelines for Geometry Dash Aperture

The widely renowned rhythm game Geometry Dash has been followed up by a sequel called Geometry Dash Aperture. It wasn't until three years after its first publication that it made it to store shelves. The objective of this arcade game is to reach the conclusion by avoiding and leaping over a variety of geometric objects and obstacles along the way. You have the capacity to fly if you can make a jump that is high enough, and you may utilize this skill to escape danger and get to where you need to go. As you go through the game, more secrets will be unraveled.

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How To Play

  • Pressing [up] [w] [space] allows you to leap into yellow circles.It's best to avoid the spikes.
  • Hitting a yellow pad will give you a significant height boost.
  • Take a few steps onto a blue pad to instantly improve your vertical (missing a gravity portal).
  • It's possible that if you gather up the coins, you'll be rewarded with a higher score.
  • Toggle the effects and reduce latency with a press of the letter L.
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