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Geometry Dash TOE III Hard Demon is the most challenging version of the game, and it features a section with cubes that has some complex timing as well as some bogus orbs.

The instructions for Geometry Dash TOE III

Geometry Dash TOE III, which is often referred to as Theory of Everything 3 (or TOE 3), can be challenging. In order for the section to be finished, it is necessary for the player to get a chemistry container at the very end of the segment. The participant is subsequently transported to a very brief segment of a UFO that moves at half speed and features a variety of shifting sizes and gravitational conditions. After then, the player will proceed onto a section of the wave that has a high double-speed. This segment of the level features several gravity gates as well as several platforms that the player can use to slide across.

How to collect coin?

The first user coin can only be obtained by claiming a key from the 3% portion, while the second coin can be claimed at the 29% level. The third and final coin can be acquired at the 60 percent mark of the half-speed section. Players are required to use the pink orb to ascend to the higher level, as opposed to the red and blue orbs.

Principal Features

  • There are 33,478 objects on this level.
  • The total length of the stage will be 1 minute and 36 seconds.
  • The second advantage of taking the Gauntlet is that it will improve your quality of life.

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