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In Geometry Dash Jednostavnost, a game similar to Geometry Dash Coma or Geometry Dash The Thing, you fly up and then release to glide down.

How to Participate

Geometry Dash Jednostavnost, a more difficult level, has received 6 stars. Another fantastic entry in the Geometry Dash series. The level maps are pretty distinctive for a game of this sort. There is a plenty of online information, including daily challenges. The design and difficulty of the new game will astound you. It's a never-ending game, but the subject is forms rather than characters. The controls are simple and straightforward. The animations and design are also extremely interesting.


Spikes should be avoided. In ship mode, fly up and then let go to fall. While on your adventure, tap the yellow pad and then the blue one to leap higher. It works even if you miss the gravitational portal. Make careful to gather all coins to get additional points!

How To Play

  • Click [up][w] [space] to leap or jump on yellow circles.
  • To toggle effects (and hence decrease latency), press and hold L.
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