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Interesting and captivating, Geometry Dash Phantom has captured the interest of many gamers. The objective of the game is to increase your vertical leap by changing gravity and striking various orbs and pads.

Game Rules

As you jump on the pillars, a bat will come swooping out of the ceiling. A fireball launched by it will go wide. After that, you'll have to leap from the red orb and avoid the spikes. After bouncing off the yellow ball, you'll descend to the next level. Purple water emerges from the depths.


  • The first coin is discounted by 26%. Gathering the first coin will cost you three nickels.
  • The second coin may be found at the 56% mark. Trampoline jumping is not required. Avoid it altogether and just hop over it.
  • Third coin is in the hidden room at 88%. In the robot show, it may be accessed by launching oneself from the stage's invisible sphere.

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How To Play

  • For further information, please [up][w] click here. [space] [ctrl] Change directions and/or leap at the yellow rings.
  • Look out for jagged edges
  • Hold the button down when in ship mode and fly upward.
  • Hit the yellow pad for a high jump.
  • If you want to make a bigger leap, you need to press a blue pad (missing a gravity portal).
  • You may gain extra credit by gathering the coins.
  • Pressing the letter L will temporarily disable all effects, thereby reducing any noticeable delay.
  • Pressing B will alter the background (or decrease the delay).
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