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As part of this incredible journey, you will need to triumph over every challenge and ascend to heights of up to 500 meters in Only Up Parkour 2.

Instructions for Only Up Parkour 2

You will be rewarded with a triumph in Only Up Parkour 2 if you are able to leap as high as you possibly can and survive all of the threatening hazards. In this exciting experience, your ability to respond quickly and leap with precision will be the most important factor in determining your results. It is imperative that you never forget the golden rule, which states that the more you climb, the greater your score will be.

Key Features

  • Bring forth the parkour expert that is inside you.
  • All of the trousers, guns, and caps should be locked.
  • The Art Style of Stickman Hand-drawn of the highest quality
  • Use leaderboards, achievements, and other measures to compete with one another.

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